Cambodian Royal Palace

Cambodian royal palace

Cambodian Royal Palace The Royal Palace of Cambodia stands still and face to the riverside of the Chaktomuk river in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Reflecting of the bright yellow sun in the golden time and seeing birds are flying free with no cage belong to it. The cloudy sky contains the white yellow color to highlight … Read more

Alone Night In The Forest

Alone Night In The Forest រូបមួយនេះគឺធ្វើឡើងដើម្បីរំលឹកដល់ពេលវេលាមួយដែលបាននៅក្នុងព្រៃ ដែលពោរពេញទៅដោយភាពស្ងៀមស្ងាត់ លឺតែសំលេងសត្វយំ​ ខ្យល់បក់រំភើយៗ ត្រជាក់ស្រួល ព្រមទាំងបានដេកមើល ពពួកតារា ( Star ) នៅលើមេឃ ជាមួយទិដ្ឋភាពដល់ស្រស់ត្រកាល…

Angkor another perspective

Angkor another perspective Angkor Wat lies 5.5 kilometres (3.4 mi) north of the modern town of Siem Reap, and a short distance south and slightly east of the previous capital, which was centred at Baphuon. In an area of Cambodia where there is an important group of ancient structures, it is the southernmost of Angkor’s main sites. According … Read more

Cambodia Refugee Camp


Cambodia Refugee Camp   Khao-I-Dang entrance, as seen from Thai National Hwy 348, May 1984. In the background is Khao-I-Dang Mountain; to the right is one of two water towers which stored water for the camp. Illustration by Meas Morkot Copyright to Pinn Design © 2017 Content reference to Pinnerus the art community.